Emilia (aka "Legs") -SOLD

Stunning filly by the amazing Escolar!

Escolar foal out of a Westfalian mare by RFF The Alchemist xx - Damon Hill - Argwohn I

Our mare Alizée has produced a georgeous filly by the amazing dressage stallion Escolar.

Emilia (aka "Legs") was born 5 days prior to the due date on the 28th April 2017. 

Both filly and dam are well and Escolar proves to be a perfect match for Alizée. Emilia is a very tall foal, with endless leg, beautiful confirmation and a lovely kind nature. 

Emilia is a chestnut with a very rich red colour. Although not dilute, we believe we have a truly special young lady here, with a wonderful pedigree that will allow for so many options to carry on breeding the next Generation. Sire Escolar was carefully selected by Alizée's previous owner and we could not have asked for a better result. Escolar himself is a rather tall stallion with a fair bit of substance to him. Mating him with a mare carrying 50% thoroughbred to refine the offspring while at the same time already having minimal inbreeding is pretty genius we think. There are so many options for Emilia to breed the next generation with that we can truly say this foal is not just an exciting prospect if dilute, but also a gem for any dressage breeding programme, looking for some fresh blood without already having 4x Donnerhall in the pedigree. "Legs" will get studbook1 Westfalian papers.


Escolar - RFF The Alchemist  xx - Damon Hill

Escolar won the prestigious German young horse championships (Bundeschampionate) two years in a row and already has 5 licensed sons! His foals are fetching top prices at auctions and are real head turners!


Colour genetics:

There was a 50% chance of this beautifully bred dressage gem to be dilute.


The colour probabilies were as follows:

25% Palomino | 25% Buckskin | 25% Bay | 25% Chestnut

Emilia has been sold to a dressage rider and we are excited to follow her future career!

Email: Anna@aufgehellt.de

Telephone: +49 1520 2357 950



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