Our dilute warmblood mares

We focus on a small number of mares, ensuring we are able to offer our horses the outmost care, stabling them at professional studs and invest in the best stallions available.

After purchasing "Rosie" in 2016 we were so happy with our dilute filly, that we were delighted to find out that her dam "Lisi" was also for sale the following year. We now own dam and daughter. While Rosie is enjoying her youth, Lisi is used for breeding. We are excitedly awaiting her next foal in May 2017 by the amazing Escolar.



Rock Forever I - RFF The Alchemist  xx- Damon Hill


Buckskin  Aa Ee CCr


View Rosie's pedigree, including almost 80 years of Westalian dam line, here on Sporthorse Data. you will also be able to trace the sire line for 22 generations, going back as far as Byerley Turk in 1679!


More information available on Rosie's page.




RFF The Alchemist xx - Damon Hill - Argwohn I

Palomino Aa ee CCr


Carrying an Escolar foal, due in May 2017.


View Lisi's pedigree on Sporthorse data (including some exciting 27 generations in the direct sire line)


More information available on Lisi's page.


Alizée might be avialable for embryo transfer in 2018. Please get in touch if you are interested.