Breed your dream dilute!

Do you have a favourite stallion and wish you had the chance to breed a dilute offspring by him? We are considering to offer a limited number of embryos from our mares with the stallion of your choice in the future. As our horses are stabled at studs with embryo transfer facilities, we feel this is a feasible service to offer without putting our mares under additional stress of transport and new surroundings.

Please get in touch as soon as you think this might be an option for you, so we can have a chat about it.

Considering ET for 2018


We are considering to offer embryo transfer from our mare Alizée in 2018.


50% chance for dilute offspring


Please get in touch until the end of 2017 to discuss options.

How it works

Make sure you let us know that you might be interested as soon as possible, so we can ensure we have enough lead time to organise everything on time if you decide to go ahead.

The embryo will be collected in southern Germany.