Buckskin filly by Bohemian - Rff The Alchemist xx - Damon Hill

As always pretty bang on time (one day before her due date) our wonderful broodmare Alizee (Lise) gave birth to a stunning filly "Bella" on the 10th of May 2020. It seems like she is carrying a creme gene and is buckskin in colour. Due to Corona the lab-results are still pending (after seven weeks) but we are very certain she is dilute on a brown base.


Born on the Germany mother's day we could not believe our luck. We received the phonecall "Lise is foaling" and no 5 minutes later the message: "Foal is on the ground, 4 white evenly marked socks and a lovely snip on the nose." As we promised the foal to a friend of ours and drew up an in utero contract with the only veto-option for me being a dilute filly, both of us were eager to find out. Female was the next message. My nerves were blank. Secretly I hoped for a black colt, so I could hold my end of the bargain without any regrets. However as pictures and vidoes poured in we realised that the brown coat started to gleam golden as she dried. Could this be? Yet another dilute filly? After being blessed with a double dilute filly last year we honestly did not expect that Lise would throw another dilute filly at us. Out of 5 foals, she produced 3 single diluted, one double diluted and only one without dilution. To our friend's disappointment we had to retain this outstanding filly. Hopefully she will have beautiful foals of her own in a few years time and truly advance the breeding of dilute warmbloods. 


Bohemian is EEAa, Lise is eeAa

the colour odds for the foal were:

12,5% black

12,5% smokey black

37,5% bay

37,5% buckskin


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