What is Aufgehellt ("dilute") about?

Our goals...

We breed athletes with a trainable attitude and sound temperament

We are passionate about dilute warmblood horses and own  mares with some of the finest bloodlines currently available. 


We would like to help raising awareness about dilute colours adn genetics

Whenever we have a conversation about dilutes, the reaction is fairly similar: "Wow, I didn't know that!" . This sparked the idea of  trying to spread the word even further and help raising awareness for dilute warmbloods.

 We plan on building a knowlegde-platform:


  • Information about the science behind the colour
  • How does the German horse breeding industry work?
  • Who breeds dilute warmbloods?
  • What Stallions are available?

Find out more about the information we provide on breeding dilute warmbloods or even send us some ideas and links to include on our website.

Feel free to get in touch: Anna@aufgehellt.de



Who we are...

Dr. med vet Martin Schäfer, a former equine vet, now heading up the group development of a veterinary corporate. Martin has a passion for showjumping and has a proven competition record. He is responsible for overlooking the healthcare of our mares.

Anna Schäfer (BA hons Equine Business Management. MBA), a marketing professional in the animal pharmaceutical industry. Anna has a passion for researching bloodlines and loves dressage. Responsible for selecting suitable bloodlines.